Aerial Yoga in Emmen is a very successful combination of air-trapeze and yoga, all the way from New York City where it has become immensely popular. Have you ever been to a Cirque du Soleil show? Imagine, high up in the sky, arms wide open, watching the horizon…..

It’s possible with Aerial Yoga in Emmen. This form of yoga challenges you while you’re floating. It might sound strange, but with the canvas it actually becomes easier to take certain positions, even though you need to concentrate to keep your balance. Apart from Aerial Yoga offering you a full-body workout (you’ll get stronger, slimmer, more flexible and release pressure from shoulders and neck), it also releases the tension in your spine. Since a few years Aerial Yoga has been in the Netherlands; ME Factory successfully launched Aerial Yoga in 2013 as the first in all of Drenthe!

aerial yoga emmen


Aerial Yoga Emmen lessons are scheduled on:

Monday evenings 20.15 – 21.15
Wednesday evenings 19.00 – 20.00 

Friday mornings 09.00 – 10.00

Have you gotten all enthousiastic about it and do you want to join in immediately?

Click here for more information about the upcoming workshops or sign up using the schedule or contact form if you want to take part in one of the lessons.
Aerial Yoga Emmen is also a nice opportunity for team events, children’s parties, as a child-parent workshop, up-side-down-with-your-partner workshops, surprise-your-mom worskhop, or bachelor(ette) party! Ask for the possibilities.

Join in and be swept off your feet!

aerial yoga emmenAerial Yoga in Emmen literally puts yoga up-side-down.
“Almost all yoga positions were carried out using the canvas. Sometimes you did not even touch the ground. It takes some getting used to and can be quite a thrill, but above all it’s a fun and playful experience,” according to Ellen Hoexum, enthousiastic owner of the ME Factory. Early 2013 she took an Aerial Yoga Teacher’s course in Amsterdam. “From the very first time I came into contact with Aerial Yoga, it has turned my life up side down. Participants who suffer from back pains consider it a bliss!” Having suffered from hernia herself, Ellen Hoexum truly is an expert by experience. At the end of every lesson you can relax completely in the canvas and get away from everything. The extra ‘desert’ you get at the end of each lesson surely contributes to this!